Our primary mission within Austin Cops for Charities is to join Austin Police Officers together in a self governed, consolidated charitable effort to support local charitable agencies and provide aid and support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.
Austin Cops for Charities
The Blue Line Project Fundraising Campaign

Austin Cops for Charities Board of Trustees has forged a partnership with Austin Police Officer John Gabrielson, Author of THE BLUE LINE PROJECT, to assist in helping raise funding to help with the editing and publishing of his book. In return Officer Gabrielson is contributing 15% of the book’s  pre-release sales proceeds to Austin Cops for Charities and 35% of the books royalties to Austin Cops for Charities.
“My name is John Gabrielson and I am a Texas Police Officer looking for some financial help in a book project titled “The Blue Line Project”. Last year while speaking at a conference it was suggested that I write a book dealing with American Law enforcement. It was suggested that I tell the story of American policing from the perspective of a patrol officer who currently works on the street as a counter to the false narrative put out by the media and television.” 

“This book and coming documentary is not about me, but rather about the men and women of law enforcement and their families. With so many attacks on police, and public mistrust of police at all-time highs, I believe this project, can make a difference. I hope to raise a minimum of $6,000 for this project by the end of 2016. My first goal is to raise the first $2000 by the end of August. With your support I believe these goals are achievable”.
                                                                                                John Gabrielson
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Name on the Sponsor Page in the back of the book + 1 Blue Line Project T-Shirt
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Name in the Primary Sponsor list in the front of the book, T-Shirt, Singed hard copy, and commemorative plaque honoring our fallen heroes
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Kathryn Magana, mother of SPO Kristy Astran #4729, passed away unexpectedly January 2, 2017. Kathryn was on a fixed income and did not have life insurance. The family has been able to cover funeral costs through a gofundme account https://www.gofundme.com/kathy-maganas-funeral-services. Funds are still needed to purchase a headstone/marker plus caring for Kathryn’s disabled brother. Kathryn and her husband cared for Kathryn’s disabled brother for years on a fixed income and now that responsibility falls to the surviving husband of Kathryn. Any additional funds will go to the purchase of Kathryn’s headstone/marker and to assist Officer Astran’s step-father and her disabled uncle.  SPO Astran and her brother, Joseph, are the primary providers for the family. The week after they laid their mom, Kathryn, to rest Joseph was notified he was being laid off with less than a month’s notice.  All donations and prayers are greatly appreciated. Blessings to all!
Austin Cops for Charities Board of Trustees meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Austin Police Association’s conference room located at their main headquarters, 5817 Wilcab Road in Austin, TX  78721. ​​​
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